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Featured work

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Wildfire, a division of Google, is one of the world’s largest social media marketing software providers.

WyeWorks worked in close collaboration with the in-house teams, adopting their process, developing a big number of consumer facing plugins for the Pages product, and boosting performance for scaling.

James Tucker Former CTO, Wildfire

Throughout the entire process they have proven their excellence. The onboarding process was effective and painless and since then they have become an invaluable member of our team.

CrazyEgg logo

Crazy Egg is the Leader in Visual Website Analytics and Heatmaps.

WyeWorks worked hard to find a development process that fit the client's needs. Together we smoothly deployed a re-architecture and upgrade of the code to support a brand new UI. They continue trusting us with new projects to grow their business.

John Butler Partner

We’ve had a lot of experience working with contractors and development shops from all over the world. WyeWorks excels in the areas that many other companies lack: communication and planning. We get all the benefits of outsourcing without any of the drawbacks.

Zozi logo

ZOZI is a venture-backed startup in San Francisco, emerging as the leading brand for adventure.

WyeWorks performed a holistic, thorough job. The team worked diligently to consistently meet every deadline while helping to establish an agile process, repay technical debt and upgrade the code to save future costs.

Nate Perry-Thistle VP, Engineering

Our partnership with WyeWorks has been a great success - their ability to jump into complex projects and make an immediate difference is impressive, and reassuring. It gives me peace of mind to know that they’ve got our back.

Rails logo

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.

Our founder Santiago Pastorino has contributed to a wide and diverse range of projects to the Ruby and Rails community and is also a Rails Core Member.

Santiago Pastorino Rails Core Member

As a company that focuses on providing high quality software services to its clients, there is no doubt that we need a deep level of understanding of the tools we use every day.

What we do

Tech Review illustration

Tech Review

You grew and so did the complexity of your product. Now you need expert technical advice.

We can help you scale your application or assess the quality of your code.

We’ve developed our expertise from having our founder in the Rails Core Team and using Ember.js for several years. Let us apply that knowledge to your product.

Web Development illustration

Ember.js & Rails Development

You’ve built a successful product. Now you need to expand your team without compromising on quality.

We can integrate with your people, adopting your process and tools and suggesting best practices.

Our happy clients are our best credentials. Let us do a trial to show our skills.

Agile Review illustration

Agile Review

Your company got bigger, and collaborating became a challenge. Now you need help implementing an Agile Process.

We can diagnose your current situation and coach your team to be more productive.

We’ve been Agile for years. Let us apply that experience to your team.

Get to know us

We are a team of passionate individuals, who enjoy working and growing together. WyeWorks is all about trusting relationships, professionalism and successful collaboration. We enjoy our friendly ambience and we have fun working together.

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