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Rails Bugmash an Exciting First Experience


As many of you must know, last weekend a Railsbridge Bugmash was celebrated, and I had the honor to be part of it for the first time. For those who are not aware about what this is, it’s a virtual event that takes place on irc.freenode.net at #railsbridge channel. The general idea of these events is to work on the Rails Core, taking a look at the Rails Issue Tracker. However, given that Rails 3 is about to see the light, this opportunity was intended to deeply test it looking for:

Modifying Recurring Billing Transactions


Ok, it’s been some time we don’t post something in the blog, past weeks have been crazy at the office but now everything is back to normal, hopefully.

In this post I just want to tell that we added an extra ability to the recurring billing for BeanStream Gateway: Modify an existing transaction.

Active Merchant Recurring Billing


Working on a payment system we had to sort some difficulties when making recurring payments using active merchant. Why? Because we needed to use BeanStream gateway and active merchant does not support recurring billing for this gateway yet. So I just added the functionality to it.

Generating PDF With Odf-report and Images Support


Well i guess many of you might have checked the last edition of the Rails Magazine. If not, you may should.

In particular one of the articles by Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas talks about PDF generation with odf templates, something I’ve been playing around in the last few weeks. He explains the mechanism that can be used for this purpose and finally mentions the odf-report gem by Sandro Duarte which i’ve been using and forked to add support for image substitutions.

My Emacs for Rails


I’d like to share with the community my emacs init file and a set of plugins to give a nicer experience on Ruby on Rails development, which you can checkout from here. I have been using this environment under emacs 23, and it has not been tested on other emacs versions, so all feedback is welcome, if something goes wrong please feel free to contact me.

Scheduling in Ruby


Scheduling tasks is something we all need to know to do, for it’s quite common in applications. Fetching feeds, indexing some data, processing files at a periodical time, that happens a lot. You are probably quite familiar then with the linux cron, if you had to deal with scheduling stuff in the past, but there is something you may not. Let me introduce you the Whenever(Whenever) gem. What is it? A simple gem to schedule tasks writing them in nice ruby syntax…just let the gem work it’s magic and deal with the cron.

Drag & Drop Sortable Lists


Time has come for us to make a sortable list, and let’s face it, drag&drop are the prettiest ones. So, let me explain how to proceed.

Suppose you have a playlist with many videos, and want to establish an order on which they will be played. First thing you will need is to add a ‘position’ attribute to your Video model. To do that, we’ll generate a migration first:

RVideo for Video Processing and Inspection


At WyeWorks headquarters, every once in a while, we come across some project that needs a media edition/transcoding solution to build into. This was the case of our latest project in which we built a pretty simple interface with Brightcove(Brightcove - The Leading Online Video Platform), a powerful video platform on which we may write something about it in our forthcoming posts, but it’s not the point right now.