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Bundle Exec Rails … Executes Bundler.setup 3 Times


TL;DR: don’t run bundle exec before rails command, rails already checks the presence of Bundler through the Gemfile and sets up everything according to it without the overhead of bundle exec. rails command is the only exception to the rule. Additionally I’ve added a patch to Bundler that avoids calling Bundler.setup which adds unnecessary overhead.

RailsConf 2010: Interview With Caike Souza


We’re opening the box of RailsConf 2010 memories! Yep … we suck at journalism, so it turns out we have this almost one year old interview with Caike Souza we never shared before. So sorry Caike!

Caike (@caike) is a passionate agile software craftsman and founder of the Orlando Code Dojo group, where programmers get together to practice coding to improve their skills once a month. He is currently working at Envy Labs.

Creating Your Own Generators on Rails 2.3


Time has come for me to write a Rails generator, and as you’re guessing right now, my first step was taking a look at the Guides. They give you a pretty good idea on what you can do (despite of being for Rails 3.0), but as my friend Santiago always say, there’s no better documentation than the source code itself. So, my second step was to dive into the code. You should definitely read the code, great stuff there.

RailsConf 2010: Interview With George Guimarães


Among the great people we met at the RailsConf was George Guimarães (@georgeguimaraes), by no surprise he was a very cool and funny dude, and he was open to talk and hang around with us.

George is co-founder of Plataforma Tec, that many of us got to know well through their amazing set of gems/plugins and the stunning work José Vailm has been doing as a Rails Core team member. Kind of what I hope it’s happening with the great work Santiago Pastorino is doing with his contributions and how it’s reinforcing WyeWorks reputation.

RailsConf 2010: Interview With Fabio Akita


In the last day of the RailsConf 2010 Santiago and I got the pleasure to hang out a few hours with Fabio Akita, a very successful guy in the Ruby and Rails community, but yet so humble and open as many of the great people we met in these past days.

Making Paperclip Work With Sinatra & Datamapper


I was working lately on a Sinatra project, and got fascinated on how fast you can get things up and running. Everything was beautiful, until I tried to upload a file using paperclip.

Although Paperclip was originally built for rails Ken Robertson ported it to Datamapper. Let me explain in few steps how you can upload with Paperclip, using Datamapper.